Friday, October 2, 2009

Doin' some pimpin' - blogtoberfest day 2

Today I'm going to 'pimp' someone else's business!

The reason for this is that apart from the reasons below - these people helped me out this week with a small problem and in return I have decided to pimp their shop.

Red Whisper Studio is a wonderful creative partnership between artist Liza Paizis and John Robson.

Liza is an amazingly talented artist with a love of the mystical forces of nature and uses images and symbols that evoke our dreams and fantasies.
She is actually mulit-talented and uses many mediums to realise her visions.

Liza is particularly fond of dragonflies, mermaids and goddesses but avoids the usual cliches and manages to deliver them in a fresh and vibrant version.

Between them Liza and John have created a range of items to showcase Liza's unique talents.

Everyone can afford to own a Red Whisper creation, be it an original artwork, a print, etching or magnet, card, mirror, necklace, tshirt, bag, brooch.

What about John?
Well he is Liza's muse, her business manager, framer, printer and indispensible right-hand man.

Want to know how to find Red Whisper?

They have a website,
etsy shop,
are part of The Nook Co-operative in Leura.
And sell at markets and festivals around Sydney and further afield.

If you do bump into them at a market you will realise that these are two very special people and I feel honoured to call them my friends.


BellasiaCreations said...

love their works, specially the butterfly t-shirts they showed in the glebe market, which was so beautiful and dreamy.

Rainbow Child said...

First time to your blog, through blogtoberfest :)

what gorgoues paintings!

Anonymous said...

We are equally as honoured to call you our friend, Tess :)
Thank you for your kind words and for such a beautiful and inspiring blog!

Jessica said...

I have a couple of pieces of Liza's and I love them.

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