Tuesday, October 13, 2009

success at markets

image by jett loe via flickr

Ok, so you've identified a suitable market to try and you have your goods and props ready to go.

Off you go and set everything up.
It looks great!

What next?

Here are some tips for a successful market, garnered from various sources.

- Have prices on everything.
- make your display as close to eye level as possible.
Put extensions on your table legs or use boxes, shelves and props to raise the height of your goods.
- Have table clothes that come right down to the ground and cover the table legs and everything that you are storing underneath.
- But be careful of storing spare stock where is might be easily disappered from!
- Stand up behind your display. Do not sit down!
- Do something. Have a small project to work on.

image by antydiluvian via flickr

- SMILE and say 'hello'
- Engage the customer by asking them questions. eg "how is your day?" "are you Christmas shopping?"
- Let them browse, but be ready to show them something if they show interest.
- Do not thrust things in their face! (as if you would anyway)
- Give them a choice, offer an alternative.
- Let them try things on (except earrings - they can just hold those up)
- Be honest, they will appreciate it.
- Ask questions. Are they buying a gift? Who is it for? Are you trying to match something?
What colours do they like?
- Be proud of what you do and tell people that everything is designed and made by you.
- Say something like " Hello *smile*... I made everything here, so if I can help you with anything please let me know *smile*" (Tip by uniquedichroic.)
- Always be polite.
- Use business cards liberally, have them on your table, hand them out and include one in every purchase.
- Stay right to the end. You have paid your money so you may as well make the most of it.
Be prepared for late sales, I always sell as I am packing up.
- Take a friend with you or get someone to help for a while so you can eat, go to the toilet, whatever.
- to keep costs down, take your own food, and you will know what you're getting. Not greasy junky stuff.
- If you havent got a friend, a neighbouring stallholder will usually keep an eye on your stall while you pop off to the loo. But if not, cover your display with a sheet.
- Keep your display tidy. customers are very messy. Straighten things up when you can and put out any spare stock.

image by hoimoi via flickr

There is another great thread here about what to take to markets.
Thanks to craftsbycarina and uniquedichroic .


michvanetta said...

Great post Tess, thanks so much, exactly what I needed to read this week :)

Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys said...

Love the post Tess! Just what a market novice like me needs to read - thanks.

lily40au said...

good ideas ... everything I like bout being a customer at a market.

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