Saturday, October 3, 2009

What to take to markets - blogtoberfest day 3

1. Gazebo. Strong waterproof. With side curtains. Or an large umbrella and heavy stand.
As wellas protecting you and your precious stock from the elements, it helps to define your stall space, and draw attention to it.
You can also use the structure to display your goods on or hang up signs.
2. Tables. Folding tables are best
3. Chairs - I just cant stand up all day.
4. Table coverings - cloths to hide all the mess under you table and a great colour to display your wares. Preferably ones that can survive being scrunched up and packed.

5. Stock - very important, do not on any account forget this!
6. Display props. Boxes, boards, busts etc.
7. Float. What and how much depends on what you sell.
8. Bag or box to put money in. Never let this out of your sight! I have a lovely leather purse I wear over my shoulder.
9. Credit card machine (if you have one)
10. Wrapping paper or bags.
11. Business cards.

12. Information about you and your craft. Either on a sign or hand-out sheet. Dont be coy!
13. Notebook and pen to write down your sales. I also write down orders, enquiries and all sorts of other info. If it's a quiet market you can doodle or draw or write a shopping list!
14. Something to do. If your craft is portable take some with you, people love to see things being made and it makes your work even more authentic.
15. Food and drink. Especially in the australian summer, take plenty to drink. I also take a thermos of tea, and some food because you might not be able to get away to buy some.

16. Sticky tape.
17. Sunscreen - remember you can get sunburnt even under shade.
18. Something to secure your gazebo - sandbags, bottles of water or sand, tent pegs if you are on grass.
19. I have a bag with ropes, clamps, ten pegs, hammer. Just in case!
20. And last but not least - a big smile!

I"m sure this is not an exclusive list!
If you have something to add please leave a comment.

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