Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crochet - the new yoga?

I heard someone the other day describe knitting as the new yoga, but crochet seems to be a resurgent craft, so I'm proposing that crochet is the next new yoga.

I'll admit from the start that I have never learnt to crochet.
My mother was a avid crocheter and made me a turquoise crocheted smock in the 70's when such things were fashionable.
But I think that crochet has come of age and is no longer the domain of the crocheted dolly toiletroll holder!

There are many on-line tutorials about crochet.
Here is one that I found tells you how to start.
I looked for a video tutorial because it seems to me that you need to be shown what to do with something like this, if you have absolutely no idea (as in my case)

Get Your Crochet Started

There are other useful tutorials on this site for basic crochet techniques.

I have also learnt that there are various style of crochet -

- granny squares
- freeform
- amigurumi

If you want to learn a bit more - granny squares for example, super-blogger Jess of epheriell pointed me in the direction of a tutorial by the very talented Renate of Rensfibreart.
You can find this free tutorial here.

Now you have mastered the granny square - what can you do with them?

It seems the possibilies are endless!

I love this granny square rug that I found on firefly cottage's blog.
Is like a beautiful rich mosaic.
Apparently it is from a granny square flickr group of which there are many.

The appeal of crochet is that -

1. You dont need a lot of equipment - just a crochet hook and yarn.
2. It is very portable - you can take it on a bus or car trip.
3. You can make a bit at a time and sew them all together later.
4. It is a stash-buster.

I might even have a go myself!

In the meantime - some more crochetty inspiration.


vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

That rug is amazing! Just gorgeous

ketzl said...

I agree, crochet is like yoga, especially because you can zone out from the kids and the house! And it requires less elbow room than knitting so its perfect for on the train.

Pam de Groot said...

Crochet is way easier than knitting and there aren't many rules. I've just bought a tunisian crochet hook to play with. Check that out with a google.

planettreasures said...

I like that crochet has no rules, Pam!
And another advantage that it need less elbow room, thanks, ketzl!

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