Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday wishlist

Mostly this wishlist wednesday is about things beyond our wildest dreams - things you covet but know you will never buy.

This week I'm going to wish for some non-personal things.
Some things that make a crafty persons mouth water!

Things that I can justify because they relate to my craft and I might actually use them and I might eventually make some profit out of them.
Their purchase can be justified on an economic basis!

Like fabric to embellish some tshirts for BoosTees

Or stamps to make some cards, stamp some wooden blockor polymer clay to make pendants.

Or some papery goodies to make tags or little thankyou cards.

Then I might actually use some of the things I have stockpiled here - tshirts, dominos, polymer clay, assorted bits of paper and card etc etc.

How do you justify your crafty purchases?

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