Friday, August 27, 2010

What to do with donuts?

I cant stop buying donuts!

No! not the sugary, jammy kind but donuts for jewellery.

But then I never know how to string them!
You could just loop a strand of leather through it and make a simple necklace.

Or you could purchase a special donut bail, like these from

They are simple to use and look quite pretty.

But I am never prepared enough to have special bails like that.

So here is what I have done -

A simple wire wrap.
I didnt want to hide the lovely design on this ceramic pendant, and the gunmetal wire kind of blends in with the design.

A simple wire wrap plus dangle.
This is a gorgeous ceramic donut, but it looks like stone doesnt it?
I wanted to make it a bit more fanct but not overwhelming, so I strung a brass spiral charm after I did the wire wrap, and it covers the wire up too.

Another wire wrap plus dangles.
I wanted to incorporate several flower charms on this very large peace stone donut, but nothing worked.
The flowers have double holes on the back, like a button shank and so wouldn't sit flat.
So I made separate loops on them and strung them as I made the wrapped loop for the bail.

Beaded loop.
I made two seed bead loops for this large lime jade donut.
I like the way it hangs from two suspension points.

Several beaded loops.
The loops on this jade donut form part of the freeform peyote design.

I have also seen very elaborate beaded bails in beading magazines.
And I'm keen to do some more freeform wiring to hang donuts.

Now I feel inspired to make some more!

How do you deal with donuts?
"munch munch"


lynsey said...

fantastic, thats given me lots of ideas now. I went to a bead fair at the beginning of the month and bought a string of ceramic donuts in all sorts of colours, and they've kind of sat in the drawer not being used, so thankyou for the inspiration

Ryan said...

These are so pretty!

PoetessWug said...

YAY! I haven't known how to hang two large 'donuts' (never even knew that's what they were called...Thank you!) that I've had just banging around in my box. Now I do!!! I'm going to string some seed beads and make a loop for them to be hung from!!!! You have such a creative mind! :-))

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