Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday's treasuries

What a great couple of weeks!

And what a lovely surprise to see that my destash and supplies shop planetdebris was chosen by Moags and Smeet for this treasury full of Aussie sellers.
She made it look great didnt she?

Moags and Smeet are jewellery designers after my own heart we share a love of bold jewellery and gorgeous stones.

I doubly love this bracelet - I love turquoise and I just adore the chunky clasp, it's really special.
Check out their shop for more gorgeous creations.

And then things got a bit colourful!
Firstly The Rainbow Connection by petaliferous.
Bri was kind enough to pop my rainbow bracelet in with all the other rainbows.

So I chose something suitably bright andcolourful from petaliferous.
Such pretty rose studs!

Who doesnt love red? Or scarlet?
Many thanks to catlovesbear for including my red venetian glass earrings in her Scarlet Soho collection.

catloves bear is in vacation mode at the moment but makes ecofriendly bags and totes like this pretty floral one.

Anothe gorgeous bright one but with an unusual theme - what fun inspiration from tattytess!
Thanks to tattytess for picking BoosTees mitts with all the tea party goodies.

I'm a bit impressed with tattytess's shop, there are amazing upcycled creations like this bright top and another one that inspired a treasury that I created. (see below)

Vickie of jewelflyt has such an eye for colour.
Look how she put this treasury together!
Lime and berry - yum!
Thanks Vickie for chosing my lime green earrings.

Vickie is a very talented silversmith and jeweller.
How pretty is this necklace with its aquamarine set pendant?

Do you remember kaleidoscopes?
All the lovely coloured patterns?
Adorablelittleme has managed to create the same effect here -

yippee! for finding one of BoosTee's brooches here!

Adorablelittleme has some cute hair clips and earrings, like this set in my favorite colours.
I just love the sand and sea combination.

surf and sand set by adorablelittleme

OKbuyer obviously loves jewellery too!
How honourd I felt to be included with all these other lovely creations

If you like beads check out OKbuyer's shop for beautiful and unusual beads like these czech triangles.

Now to my treasuries.
This is the one I mentioned earlier, inspired by tattytess' shop.

And one linked to my blog post about the anniversary of the bra's creation!

Happy treasury making!


PoetessWug said...

All of them are very nice!! I love treasuries...when I'm in them or making them!!! :-)

Moags and Smeet said...

Thanks so much! You are far too sweet. :) Just shared the link for your blog on my blog and FB. :)

~ Laura (Moags)

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