Saturday, March 22, 2014

Discovering - 7 new music finds

Last weekend the planets were at the Blue Mountains music festival - not too far from here.
We've been going for a few years and one of the joys of it is that you never know who you might discover.
There are 7 stages, it's not a huge festival, it's easy to get around. So if you are not taken with the act you are watching you move on.......

There were no really huge big names playing the festival this year but that doens't mean that the quality was any less or that it wasn't fun. Hey! it was heaps of fun!

We also caught up with a few old favorites - Lior, Eleanor McEvoy, Jeff Lang.....and here are my new finds for this year.

Something old but in a new way.
1920s dance meets calypso.
So cute and so fun!

Blair Dunlop
I like folk - oh yes I do.
A mix of old school folk with a touch of David Gray.
I'm smitten kitten.

(Have a look at thisfor some bleak old english countryside)

The Tiger and Me
Another heaps of style, heaps of energy, heaps of fun.
Described in the program as "cabaret/circus/euro indie folk-pop"
We were all smitten by the guy up-front who is a dark-haired dead ringer for our son.

The Good Lovelies
I didn't think I would like them.
Meh! Banjo - I said.
But we popped in and happened upon this number >

Swamp Thing
Great energy blues duo.
Great to listen to at 10.30 in the morning - well someone has to do it!
I couldn't find a youtube clip to do them justice, but if you get the chance - check them out if you like raucous blues with grunt.

Jesse Valach & Blues Mountain
These guys were Mr planet's festival pick.
Blues, soul, tightness.

Ash Grunwald
OK, so Ash isn't that new....he si just new to me.
My daughter recommended and we obeyed.
Fabulous high energy and so good to see the new generation of bluesmen coming through.
This is a really cool film clip with surfing as well as singing.
Have a look.

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