Sunday, March 30, 2014

I still found time to appreciate things

I'm not finding much time for blogging generally but I'm still trying to find some joy each day.
Some little thing that pleases me, that makes me think "ah, life is good"

This week I bought a big bunch of basil to make some pesto to make this recipe.
Mmmmmm, I love the smell of fresh basil.
I have got some in a pot but it wasn't enough to make pesto....just enough to inhale every now and then.

Who has a love-hate relationship with shopping?
I do!
And dragging an enormous trolley around Costco it one of the hates....but there are several things I love.
Their organic cheese.
The smoked salmon.
And looking around the "others" section.
This week they has showers all sorts of home reno stuff including the kitchen sink!

I have been trying to do the fast diet or the 5:2 diet,
Some days it is hard.....but I love that dinner tastes so much more intense, more fabulous on a fast day.
This was (spicy) masala prawns on a bed of baby spincah.

Mr planet and I have a caravan.
We also have some old and grotty plastic cups that we have used for camping for the last 10 years or so.
Time for some new fabulous mugs I thought! Right?
Cannot find melamine mugs or plastic mugs anywhere.
All the usual suspects - Target, $2 shops, camping shops - zilch!
But I did find these spiffy melamine latte cups in the Leura Whisk, kitchenware shop in Leura.

So the sorting out continues, the decluttering, the moving around of stuff from one spot to another.
This week I tacked my sewing basket and found some forgotten treasures in the depths.

Yep, I was back at Henri Marc again.
What can I say? I just love that place.
Plus they have a great spoon collection.

And another foodie love.
Tofu burgers.
Yep, tasteless, bland old tofu mixed with walnuts, onions,carrots and various other tasty morsels makes yummy burgers that anyone would love.

That's all for this week folks.
You all have a great week and see if you can find some joy everyday....or most days.


katiecrackernuts said...

Plenty to appreciate here. The prawns look delicious and though I haven't attempted the 5:2 diet I've heard people rave. I am trying the move more eat less plan that's worked for me before. The move more I've got. The eat less, I need to work on.

planettreasures said...

Thanks Katie : )
The thing with the 5:2 diet is that it has other health benefits as well (supposedly) as well as weight loss.
Moving more is a great plan too....but sometimes it can make you more hungry!

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