Friday, March 28, 2014

Sewing baskets - HELP!

I need a new sewing basket.
No, I really do.
You see I'm decluttering - BIG TIME! and I just pulled out my old sewing basket - a yellow plastic thing a bit like this

vintage sewing basket from auntdoilies on etsy

But a cheaper version, that I think I got for free with a sewing machine over 20 years ago....or more.

Its lid had broken off.
And it was dusty and smelly.
So I threw it out.
Maybe I regret that now.....maybe it could have been saved? Reborn somehow?

Too bad.
It's gone.

So I started looking for a new one....first of all on etsy.

from FrenchVintageLife on etsy
from 3x1Vintage on etsy
from Farmhousesupply on etsy

from itrend on etsy

Disappointingly non of the above ship to Australia. BOO!

This one does -
from verifiedvintageNL
....but the shipping is nearly as much as the cost of the box....and I'm not that crazy-have-to-have-it.

Or I could make one -

pattern by TreeTopThreadsStudio
But, gawd, it looks complicated and do I really have the time?

Looking locally I could go for a nice wooden one -

from Morris &Sons
Or one like this -

I'll have to go and have a look.

Or I could just use an old shoe box?

Have you got a swing box or basket?
What do you use?

Any helpful suggestions gratefully received....any suggestions at all really.


Clare said...

I use a vintage sewing basket that I've had since I was young. (I guess that would put me in the same vintage category as the sewing basket.) I also have a variety of other things (trays baskets, small boxes that catch things as I sew . . . which sometimes makes it hard to find where I put something. I hope you find one you like.

planettreasures said...

Oh a vintage one would be lovely Clare. Haha, I'm sure you're not vintage!
I will go basket searching next week, in the meantime they are all in a plastic box : (

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