Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Out and about - the oldest stone bridge in Australia (apart from Tasmania)

I've gone on a bit about a bridge near me - Knapsack Bridge, but I thought I should introduce you to an older bridge, in fact the oldest stone arch bridge on the mainland. (There is an older one in Tasmania!)

It is on a (now) little-used road, but it was the main route west from Sydney from 1833 until 1926.

It is a very fine sandstone arch.
Don't you just love a nice self-supporting arch?

The stone was quarried from not far away, just up the track and you can see where it was dug out.

On one side the keystone (the bigger light one) has the name of the bridge-maker - David Lennox.

The other side has the date.

There's a walking track that goes up one side of the creek and then down the other...

I used to ride my bike down here and then along the paths but they got very eroded and today was wet and I walked.
That was just before the thunder and rain.

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