Monday, March 3, 2014

Paper beads - and how to make them.

I was inspired by something I saw on facebook the other day (as so often happens) - paper beads.
I remember those!
What a great way to recycle all those old magazines I've got, I thought.

So I had a look about to see what was going on around the place.

There are heaps of tutorials and inspiration on the interwebs.

This is the one that started off my journey, on

DIY fashion
You can find some mighty interesting-looking templates and a neat set-up for drying your beads on Adrienne Butikofer's blog.
Adrienne Butikofer
I love this take on the paper bead necklace by My Poppet - it's a bit modern.

My Poppet
 Or how about these versatile flat beads.

You can use all sorts of paper - 

Hambly Screen Prints.
Scrapbooking paper or Wallpaper perhaps.
Old books or sheet music or maps or....

 You could wrap them in thread -

or wire - 

You could coat them in shiny resin - 

You could draw on paper, doodle, paint - the possibilities are endless!
So easy-peasy and so un-spendy!
Love it!

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