Monday, March 31, 2014

Stampin' up a storm

Do you ever use stamps? No, not the lick and stick for snail mail kind!
The inky rubbery kind!
Have you tried making your own stamps?

I thought it would be fun to try when I saw someone offering a stamp carving workshop, unfortunately I can't get to the workshop (it's too far away) but I wondered how hard it would be to do it yourself.

handcarved stamped cards
You can find out how on this tutorial by Lisa Tulse.

It looks easy enough - you just need the right tools.
You can make small stamps from good quality erasers and you need something like a craft knife or lino cutting tool to cut the design.

If you need inspiration - or another how-to, check out Gennine's blog.
So many sweet ideas.

Gennine's stamps
Of course there are other materials you could use - remember potato prints? haha!


The Creative Beast said...

Thanks for sharing the links on making hand carved stamps - I've been wanting to try it out and the tutorials you've shared here are INSPIRING!
Thanks for stopping by my blog too =-)

planettreasures said...

You are welcome : )
Stamp carving is on my to-do list too.

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