Tuesday, September 14, 2010

International crochet day

Well apparently I missed it - but 12th September was international crochet day!

So to display the versatility of crochet I have selected items from the shops of etsy from the sublime -

crochet felted slippers by alifecrocheted

to the - unusual!

freeform brooch by JaneBoFelt

And just to let you know that not all crochet needs to be done with yarn or fibre, here is a wire vessel -

rock anemone by tessituraelica

One of these days I will learn how to crochet, but in the meantime I will just admire all the clever and cute things that other people do.

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Jo-anne (Blossy) said...

My mind is boggled by the bacon & egg scarf. Would you even wear it if you made it? I know I wouldn't. I don't think I'm that brave lol

Ellie said...

Ha! I love the bacon and eggs scarf. I would wear it, though probably only once in a while! So creative! I just love what the etsy folks come up with.

PoetessWug said...

WOW! Bacon and eggs, hamburger and eyeball catnip toys all in the same place...and all crocheted!!! :-)) I DO crochet and......and......I'm at a loss for words!! LOL

planettreasures said...

yes, the bacon and eggs scarf is er- um - unusual!
If you wore it it would certainly be a talking point!

Meowadays said...

hey that's my eyeball! thanks for the shout out :]

Anonymous said...

ha the bacon and egg scarf to funny.Those slippers dont even look crochet they are adorable.

Kilikina said...

Thanks for featuring my bacon and eggs scarf! :)

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