Friday, September 10, 2010

What have I been up to this week

To start the week I took daughter back to Wollongong to Uni.
It was too nice a day to not do anything so borrowed her bike and went for a bike along the shoreside bike path.
Whooping and swooping along past beaches and headlands - love it!

She is so lucky!
This is the view from her balcony -

Wednesday was also a beautiful day, so I popped my bike in the back of the car and rode around the rowing course at the Penrith Lakes Olympic centre.
That's Mount Riverview in the background - where I live.

Then we had another visitor at home!
Yes! we really do have wallabies in out front yard!

In between I got my stock ready for an art and craft show at Lawson next weekend and made some more ceramic bead necklaces (they sell like hot cakes).

What have you been up to?

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PoetessWug said...

I haven't been as adventurous as you. I've been watching tennis non-stop since last week now that the US Open is on...No mountains in my distance, no bike rides, and no wallabies!! But I do have sunflowers popping out in my backyard! ^_^ It ain't no Wallaby, but it's something!!

planettreasures said...

I love watching the tennis too - but we dont have it on regular TV here anymore.
sometimes they may put it on if an aussie gets into the finals, so I am very envious of you.
And I love the Wallaby!

Soné said...

lovely etsy !!

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