Saturday, September 25, 2010

Riding and shopping

The Bead and Gem show is in town and being a beadaholic it's compulsory for me to attend.
In fact I went twice.

Thursday evening was wholesale buyers night but it was only for 3 hours, not at all enough time for a serious bead addict!
Time to visit my 4 regular suppliers, but I wanted to see what else was around.
So I went back today, but I combined it with a bike ride.

The bead show is in a hall at Olympic Park and Sydney people will know how much work was done in that area rehabilitating an old industrial site.
The renovated area stretches up to and along the Parramatta River and there are paths and park, cafes and wetlands.
It was perfect because parking is so expensive in the main precinct, but free where I started from, next to Silverwater bridge.

Newington wetlands

Olympic Boulevard

The bead show isnt big by Bead and Button Show standards, or Tucson standards, but it's all we've got!

My favorite suppliers Ross and Bev from The Rock Shop have lovely gemstones -

A new company Kazzi had bargain sample bags of greek ceramics and castings - couldnt pass them up - no plans yet as to what I'll do with them!

Kalash have fine gemstones and a huge range of silver -

I had to go back for these ceramic beads for my best-selling necklaces -

I couldnt resist these bright stones from Crystal Cascade - they are dyed but I love them!

The Venetian glass shop is my biggest buy!
But there is nothing else like Venetian beads in my humble opinion.

Also I couldnt walk past these cute litle ceramic fellas!

Of course Czech glass is always on my shopping list.

These are from the lovely Sue of BeadGlass who also is an accomplished glass bead artist.

And something for a bit of summer fun.
Decorated shell -

Missing were the glass artists who have been there before and I missed them.
I love buying artisan beads and supporting other craftspeople.

Anyway perhaps that's a big enough stash for now.

Off I go to count them, price them, sort them and put them away!

Remember to leave a comment and I'll pick another winner next wednesday.


DELiciousDesignz said...

wow, what a fabulous assortment of beads. I am sure you will make some special things with those

Michelle said...

Oh boy good thing I didn't go, not sure how well I could have resisted! How CUTE are those owls! Looks like a fab stash!

PoetessWug said...

WOW! What a great stash!!! The possibilities are endless with all those colorful babies!!! I can't wait to get a peep at what you come up with!!!

Ellie said...

I love the castings from Kazzi, especially the little owl. I'm sure you'll find something fabulous to do with them!

humel said...

Oh my gosh, *gorgeous!* I was in Venice this summer and picked up some stunning pieces, one of which I'm wearing right now :-)

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