Monday, September 13, 2010

Mad Monday - mad about IKEA!

I was reading in the paper that it is the 60th anniversary of IKEA's catalogue and I was amazed that it had been around that long!

In fact IKEA was founded in 1948 and it's founder Ingvar Kamprad really hit on something different with his flat-pack-assemble-at-home designs and published a catalogue as a marketing tool.

I like to joke that we have the complete IKEA house!
But it's not quite true.
We have IKEA from bathroom to laundry and everywher in between.
Some new purchases are the all cotton doona cover and sheets -

Even the cat approves!

Some original ones are the ubiquitous Ivar shelves -

I guess we started furnishing with IKEA because we both like the simple uncluttered designs and the pale wood - and the price!

Here are some fairly new chairs with a well-used table -

Of course we have a Poang chair - well 2 actually.

Buffet and wall cabinet -

Plus bathroom cabinets, mirrors, curtain rails, rugs, lampshades, various shelves (including Billy naturally), desks, TV stand, coffee tables etc.

Out daughter even has furnished her room in her unit with desk, bed and lampshade.

And they have some very useful things for market display -

I know that other people are mad about IKEA too - there are flickr groups.
You can like it on facebook.

But not everyone loves it or has success with it -

So let's all sing "Happy Birthday" to the IKEA catalogue.

Do you frequent IKEA? What have you got?

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PoetessWug said...

I am sorry to say that I don't have ANYTHING Ikea!! I didn't even really know what it was, even though I had heard the name, until I read this post. So, thanks for that!...I really like all of your furniture. :-)

Sally said...

Our house is filled with ikea... in almost every room. We have the storage units for the kids toys, the children Poang chairs and a bright blue round table for play out doors. I am sitting on my bed (but not mattress) from Ikea as I write this comment next to the Ikea bed side table.
I like assembling the furniture. I feel like I'm a little bit like a builder (as close as I'm ever going to get anyways)

Ellie said...

Your cat looks like she's in heaven! I like IKEA, but I don't have anything from there. It's too expensive for me at this time, even though I know it's one of the best-priced companies around! But garage sale items (and hand-me-downs) are still cheaper!

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