Thursday, September 23, 2010

What do you do with ....?

What do you do when something you have made, something you have spent many hours designing, gathering supplies, spending money, creating, displaying, listing, promoting - doesnt sell?

Do you -

1. Move it - to another selling venue

2. Reduce it - give it a price cut?

3. Gift it - give away as a birthday/christmas/wedding/etc present?

4. Give it - run a giveaway on your blog, website, whatever and offer it as the prize?

5. Donate it - give it for some other fundraising/school raffle/ trivia night prize....?

6. Keep it - use/wear/display it for yourself?

7. Stow it - put it in the back of the cupboard to be brought out several months or years later?

8. Renovate it - polish it up, give it some new bits, or package or display it differently?

9. Restyle it - Make it longer or shorter, bigger or smaller?

10. Remodel it - take it apart and make something completely different?

11. Forget it!!?

Please leave a comment - you'll have a chance to win a surprise!

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beryl said...

I love to de-list and re-fashion items that don't sell. I've also given them as gifts. Perhaps donating them to charity would be a nice alternative as well. Great suggestions!

Vintage Sew and So said...

They get put in a box with all they thing i don't know hat to do with. It's a very big box.

Caitlin - craftycrackpot said...

I have no idea - I'm going through the same issues myself - let me know when you have a good answer!

Nadine said...

Everyone loves a good sale :)
But when your stuff is soo pretty, I don't see how you'd have something that wouldn't sell.

PoetessWug said...

I've done all but 3 of these things. I'm not saying which 3!! LOL...And I would add disfigure it by accident, lower the price, and sell as recycled! LOL

Ellie said...

Hmmm... this is a tough one. If you've invested a lot of time and resources into the thing you've made, you'd like to make a success of it. Perhaps do #1 on your list first (move it to another selling venue), if you think there's a chance that the other venue will attract other potential customers. The only things on your list that I wouldn't do, are #4 (give it) or #7 (stow it). Well give it if it's the sort of thing you would want to give the intended recipient, anyway, but don't give it just to get rid of it. If it's being given to someone who will appreciate it, then wonderful!! I wouldn't stow it, either, because then you just have to deal with the problem again sometime in the future.
Anyway, I love your list, such a creative list of options. I'm going to copy it down to have when I run into this same or similar problems!

humel said...

That's a tricky one! I think I'd try a sale first so I'd at least get something back - but if that didn't work either, I'd probably give it away one way or another :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh you've nailed it beautifully - I done all the above-

here's one that may give you a chuckle - made a crochet/felted hat.. didn't really turn out the way I wanted but persevered added some embellishments, nope... added some different ones... still didn't work...

turned it upside down put some jazzy handles on it - presto... A bag!!! - I have a feeling that's what it was always meant to.. Ha! & it sold - go figure

Michelle said...

Yes it's a hard one isn't it? I'm inclined to try moving it to another venue, remodelling or pulling it apart to recycle the components. Sales are hit and miss, if I give something away I'd prefer to give store credit or something new to generate interest. I have come very close to gifting something to a family member - it would have been perfect, but it sold at the last minute!

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