Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Changes, changes!

I am pretty certain that I am almost definitely ready to stop making tshirts, I think, for sure.
Close Boos Tees.
Buuuut, I've got a room full of fabric now ....so what to do?

I think I'll open another shop, yes I will!

Open another shop with bits and bobs, sewing, knitting, etc
to be called *something with Eunice in the name*.
In honour of my mum, Eunice who was multi-talented.
She sewed all our clothes, she knitted, she cooked, cleaned, gardened, painted (the house) and could hang wallpaper. Not content with those skills she took classes - pottery, silversmithing, upholstery and french. She could crochet and did needlepoint tapestry, embroider
Of course she could do all those thrifty things born out of the austerity of the war years - she could darn socks, make a budget stretch and use leftovers.
She learned to drive as a 40 something year old.
She loved to travel and to walk.
She could do cryptic crosswords.
She gave the best cuddles in the whole universe.

She obviously taught me so many things but I don't feel her equal, if she was still here she would be my biggest supporter.

So look out for Eunice in the new year sometime!

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