Monday, December 3, 2012

Ooops! I've been away for a while. I've been wine tasting.

All the Christmassy stuff caught up with me I'm afraid.
No - not Christmas shopping....haven't started that yet!
But all the Christmas markets and fairs.

Did you hear me say that I was going to be more organised this year?
Did you believe me?

Ah, well! I'll get there....

So last weekend I had one of the biggest fairs of the year....but I'll blog about that another day, and we usually stay in a nearby town which is well known for it's wineries.
Mainly these are small boutique wineries where you can go and taste their wines at the weekend and the trend seems to be here that the tasting "rooms" are in the actual houses of the winemakers.

This can be a little disconcerting at first and you feel like an intruder....or a bit naughty, but it is really quite lovely especially at a winery we visited for the first time on Saturday - Patina, fine wine...with layers of distinction.

As we drove in to the house yard I noticed a sign to the garden walk.
Ooooh, I was sold!

There were also spectacular views from the house...of Mount Canoblas which looks over Orange, and gorgeous pastoral vistas.

The garden has only been 8 years in the making.
It is amazing!

There are stone steps and winding paths.

Sweet little touches.

It's a real "English" country garden carved out of the harsh Australian countryside by a couple of Americans.
Which just goes to show what you can do!

There are also waterfalls!

and rambling roses.

I also should tell you that we loved the wine.

You can visit Patina at weekends or for more information here is their website.

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