Friday, December 28, 2012

Five Fab Friday Finds - printable calendars

Get ready! 2013 is nearly here!

Have you got your calendar ready for the new year?

Do you even still use a pen-an-paper-calendar?
Or do you totally use your smart phone, computer diary or whatever?

Or do you love a beautiful calendar on your desk or studio wall?

Here is a great way to acquire a calendar quickly and painlessly - just download and print. Easy-peasy!

I picked this lovely botanical one for a friend's Christmas gift - she loved it!

My Paper Kitten

How about this geometric simplicity -


Or a glorious tree one?

Ana Pontes photography

The cutest owl and the pussycat -

teva gallery

Or the ever-popular bunting?

Which one is your fave?
Tell me about your calendars - or lack of them!


dkshopgirl said...

yes... i STILL use a regular 'old fashioned' calendar ... they're great! wonderful post Tess x
happy new year!

lynsey said...

I don't use a calender at all really, I have my diary I guess, mind you after seeing those beautiful ones on your post I'm thinking about investing in one. I love the owl and cat one, beautiful colours

planettreasures said...

The owl and the pussycat one is gorgeous Lynsey! I'd buy it just for the pics.

planettreasures said...

Glad to hear someone else is "old-fashioned" like me Deb : )

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