Monday, December 17, 2012

Making it Monday - Christmas muffins

I have an inkling to make muffins for Christmas breakfast - not just your common or garden variety, but muffins infused with the smells and tastes of Christmas.

What would those be?
Spices? Cranberries? Nuts? Chocolate?

I have looked in my vast collection of recipe books and couldn't find anything.
And, OK, I could just make it up, but I thought - "hey, there's a blog post in this!"

So I googled and up popped Nigella - of course.

They would be sure to work (you can find the recipe here) but....not quite what I'm looking for.

How about this one, which looks great as a gift -

The recipe - how to make them as well is here. 

Cranberries, pecans and orange? Yum! Now that sounds more like the aromas of Christmas.

The recipe is here.

But I really like the sound of these fruity muffins -

They have got cranberries (which I have 2 bags of), dark and white chocolate (how can I resist?) and fruit mince (Huge jar in pantry) this could be the go!
I found the recipe here and here one version is metric, the other imperial - take your pick!

I'll let you know how they turn out.

Have you got a fabulous Christmas muffin recipe?
Or a tradition that you have for Christmas breakfast?

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