Sunday, December 16, 2012

My week in pictures

What a week!

A huge milestone in that our lovely daughter graduated at University.

Even thought this is a relatively new university they manage to inject some pomp and gravitas into the ceremony.
It was lovely.
The floral arrangements were spectacular!

Of course we had to go for a celebratory lunch -

and desert -

And then some of went for a swim!

I also went on my annual pilgrimage to hub's work to show my wares to his co-workers, who are very grateful for the opportunity to buy some christmas presents without leaving the site.

As I have been rather lax exercise-wise of late I persuaded myself to go out early (it was 9 am, OK, I know - but that is early for me!) before the day got too hot.
There were big piles of mulch at the lookouts today (?)

And then, in the cool of the air-conditioning and in the company of the cricket I made some christmas cards.

How was your week?

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