Saturday, December 22, 2012

Five Fab Finds (should have been on Friday!) if money was no object!

I'm feeling a bit caught-up in the Christmas buying frenzy!
Are you?

So in the spirit of spend-spend-spend, I've picked the most expensive picks I can find that I wouldn't mind living with.

I'd love a new dining table - ours has survived the onslaught of our kids and numerous parties!

I'm a bit keen on the natural slab look -

acacia wood table by flowbkk

Wonder if I'll ever get one!

Of course you would need a chandelier to hang above it.
This one is a bit special - non-traditional design, would go perfectly with the table, yes?

claylight boomerang by lighttexture

It has hand-formed ceramic shades casting pretty patterns on the walls and ceiling.
It even had boomerang shaped suspension bits. How cool is that?

So while we are wining and dining at out lovely new table, beautifully lit by a unique light, we'd want to listen to some music - 

barky turntable by audiowood

I admit we still have all our vinyl records, we're not big on cleaning stuff out!
And this gorgeous handmade turntable wouldhave to sit in pride of place somewhere, not to be hidden in some den somewhere.

I love pottery and the japanese aesthetic. Plus I covet tea bowls.
I did pottery myself for a few years, in a previous life and I really "get" this.

anagama tea bowl by shiho kanzaki

The Japanese really appreciate their master craftspeople and the years of work and study to reach a level of acheivement.
Some people would probably consider this teabowl to be ugly and amateurish. Others that it's imperfections are what makes it perfect.
What do you think?

I have been looking at rings for a while - mainly because I want to get my rings, and my inherited rings remodelled so that I can wear them as one ring.
Of course that doesn't stop me lusting after other rings!

purple sapphire ring by goldworks designs

\So there we go!
My super-luxury-if-money-was-not-an-issue picks!
What would you choose if you could?

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