Monday, December 3, 2012

Reverb 12

Here I am taking part in another month of....

This one is a series of posts looking back on this year.
It's all orchestrated by the wonderful Kat over at I Saw You Dancing.

I'm already 3 days behind!

But I'll start - Day 1, How are you starting?

How am I starting the month of reverb?

I have 2 more big markets this year plus stock to make for my bricks and mortar shop The Nook Leura. So I should be busy making, making, making....but here I am taking part in a blog challenge, thinking and blogging instead.

Well you have to have fun - don't you?

Day 2 - Your most significant spend?

Without doubt the land we bought near a small coastal town in New South Wales.
It's part of our retirement plan!

It's 20 acres of treed land, with a dam and that is all.

One day we'll build a smallish home on there and that will be our base when hub retires (early) in 15 months time.

It will be such a change of lifestyle for us.
In the meantime I'm collecting small house ideas and eco home ideas and such things.

Day 3 -  What I wish for?

If I only had 1 year left to live I would, travel, travel.
I would go to Venice and Paris.
To south east Asia.
I'd go to Japan.

But then maybe I'd want to spend all my precious time with my precious family?
That's a toughie!

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