Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Seven # 2

Thanks to everyone who dropped in last week and "hi" again.
Let's hope that this little listing game can build a great network and a vibrant community.
Are you ready for week 2?

This one will tickle your tastebuds!

Your 7 favorite foods! Yum.

OK, I'll go first.

1. Chocolate. Yes, I'm a chocoholic! I love most things chocolatey. I love milk chocolate and I love quality dark chocolate. There - it's out!

2. Cheese. All sorts of cheese. I have never met a cheese I did't like. Hard, soft, runny, blue, goats milk - you name it!

3. Yoghurt. Plain yoghurt with sliced banana and a drizzle of honey makes me smile.

4. Chips, potato crisps - call them what you will. Not the healthiest of foods, but there's just something about the saltiness that I find irresistible.

5. As a whole food group, I love veggies.
Yes, my name is Tess and I'm a veggo.

6. Cuisine? I love Indian food - that is despite getting thoroughly fed up with curries during 2 trips to India and having a really vile dose of gastroenteritis. (My doctor said she has never known anybody who has visited India who hasn't got sick!)

7. Finishing off with something sweet - I love Danish Pastries - good quality ones, with custard and apricots, or cherries or plums. Yum!

You're next!

See you next week : )

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