Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday seven - a start of the weekly lists of seven things.

I do like lists! Do you?
I'm reviving an idea I had for blog posts a year or so ago - a list of 7 "things".
This time there are a few differences -
1. The 7 things will be posted on Saturday.
2. I'm inviting you all to join in!
3. I'll try and keep it up all year! That's right  - that will be about 50 lists (seeing as how we are already a couple of weeks into the year)

So here we go for week 1.
Something very general, very personal - I'd love to hear your wishes for 2013.

My Wishes.

1. To stay healthy this year.
2. To regain my sleeping pattern.
3. World peace (well I can always wish for the impossible too!)
4. That my car doesn't die.
5. For the health and happiness of all my friends and family.
6. Fine weather for the markets stalls I might do.
7. Rain at the right times.

If you'd like to blog about your wishes and then share them here please do - I'd love to see.

Or if you want to post them somewhere else - facebook, or instagram or wherever leave a link in the comment box.

and if you'd like to join in with some other lists, or peep in on other people's lists hop over to Meet Me At Mikes ( a very inspiring blog!)

1 comment:

Clare said...

I'll give it a try . . . and see if I can make it all year. Saturday Seven . . .

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