Monday, January 7, 2013

Project Life 365 and other challenges

I am taking part in 3 photo challenges!
Am I mad?
I think I must be...
There is the monthly one that has been going for a while run from Fat Mum Slim's blog.

The newish one over at JustB which can be more than just a photo challenge - it is a creative challenge, but this month I am totally doing it as a photo challenge.

And then the really big one! Project Life 365 "A Community of Daily Photographic Storytellers".

They all have their daily prompts and their facebook pages, and some have flickr groups too.

I'm uploading all mine to instagram, this me here on instagram

And then I post them to facebook and twitter as well.
I might get around to organising them into facebook albums and I might get around to popping them in flickr as well, but at the moment that is enough to do!

Here is the first week of Project Life 365 (it was a short week)

Are you taking part in any photos challenges?
Any craft challenges?
Or any challenges at all?


lorik said...

You seem to have managed to keep up well with fatmumslim's (unlike me ) so I bet you succeed! I like your first lot -especially the beach.

(I deleted my instagram after the photo rights scare...maybe I should reopen it now that they changed their mind)

planettreasures said...

I did fall apart at the end of the year, so not sure if I can keep 3 up all year, but I'll see how I go.
It was all a bit of a fuss about nothing with instagram, so, yes you should join up again!

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