Monday, January 14, 2013

Making myself a diary cover

Do you use a diary? A real paper-book-type-diary?
I do. I like quite a big diary that I can write all sorts of things in - my photo challenge prompts, shopping lists, "to-do" lists - all sorts of memos.

But I do like to personalise my diary and I usually cover it in something. Other years I have used those big squares of scrapbooking paper - you know the sort that are so useful as backgrounds for product photos?

But this year, as I have so much fabric that I need to use up, I thought I'd stick some fabric on.

In the end I actually sewed a diary sleeve and if I want to I can reuse it next year.
Good idea, no?

I used some linen fabric that is fairly stiff and wouldn't need interfacing or wadding.
I marked out the corners of the diary on the inside of the fabric.

Just zig-zagged the edges as I thought turning them under would be too bulky.

Folded the ends along the marked line, right sides together.

Sewed along the other marked line.

Turned the ends out.

Ironed it all nice and smooth.
Popped my diary in - and voila!

I like it!
Nice and simple.

1 comment:

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

That's great fabric Tess! And a lovely idea for covering your diary. I made myself a re-useable diary cover last year and I love it - so tempted to make more, he he.

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