Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Seven - fabulous male actors

A bit of frivolity this week!
...and maybe a bit of eye candy!

The fabulousness of male actors is so subjective and they can be fab for very many reasons - good actors, great presence, funny men, versatile and long-lasting, or just gorgeous!

- Robert de Niro, a fave from way back.

- George Clooney, admired by men and women alike.

- Johnny Depp, a bit unconventional and not short on gorgeousness.

- Paul Newman - ah, those blue eyes.

- Laurence Olivier - had to put a classic in there.

- Viggo Mortensen - pretty hot in Lord of the Rings.

- Steve Buscemi - a favorite of the Coen brothers, so that can't be bad.

How about you?
What are your picks?

Leave you list in the comments or put your link in the comments and I'll pop over and have a look.


Sharon said...

They are all great, but my heart belongs to Johnny!

dkshopgirl said...

If you can get me Georgie boy's phone number I will sing your praises forever Tess ;-)
xx what a honey !

planettreasures said...

haha! Deb I'll see what I can do.

planettreasures said...

Glad you are a Johnny's girl too Sharon!

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