Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cooking & something completely different....well a bit different!

My creative space this week includes a bit of cooking -

sweet potato burgers with haloumi
- and something different.
I mentioned that I'm not going to be making the tshirts for Boos Tees anymore - after I have got rid of the stock that I have at the moment, but I have a considerable amount of this week I took some of these -

and some of these -

- rummaged through some of this -

and made some of these -

Can you guess what they are going to become?

That's right!

I was having so much fun....but then I ran out of stud I have to go supplies shopping - aw, what a shame!

What's been happening in your space (creative or otherwise) this week?

If you'd like to join in or check out other creative spaces pop over to My Creative Space at Village Voices on Kidspot.

1 comment:

Serpent Mandalas said...

The earrings look great Tess!! Love the colour and pattern combinations.

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