Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Seven - movies

This may be easy or difficult - sometimes it's just too hard to chose!

These 7 movies can be your favorites, or just 7 that you have seen (or can remember seeing), or 7 that you would like to talk about beacuse they stimulate discussion.

Here are mine:

- Never Let Me Go - so unbearably sad, so poignant, so beautiful (watch with a box of tissues)

-The English Patient - I still love it after all these years, the different threads of the story and the characters, the mystery, Ralph Fiennes...

- The Usual Suspects - a very clever story that delighted and surprised when i first saw it, it still delights me even though I know the ending.

- True Grit or The Big Lebowski or Burn After Reading or Fargo or anything by the Coen Brothers.

- Lord of The Rings - all of them!

- Up ( the most delightful animation of all time).

- Blessed - not the cheeriest movie you will ever see, but very powerful.

It's really hard not to include little gems like Little Miss Sunshine or The Royal Tennenbaums, or something by Woody Allen or something with Robert de Niro in.....but that would be anothe rlist altoghether!

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