Monday, February 3, 2014

How to - make a playing card notebook, cover picture frames, decorate cups, cover lampshades and make a tshirt bag.

I love it when you can re-use or re-purpose something.
I hate throwing stuff away!
At the moment I'm doing a bit of de-cluttering and de-stashing, but maybe I could do some re-purposing instead!

I could make some notebooks with the pile of paper I'm trying to free myself of plus some unused playing cards.
by handmedowndesigns
I could also use some of the wrapping/decoupage parers/old maps etc etc to wrap some picture frames like these -

by AlissaBYoung

I'm loving these spectacular decorated cups.
I found them on pinterest.

found on The Berry blog

What you do is draw on a white china cup then put in the oven and heat to 180 degrees celsius for 30 mins. That should be long enough to heat set the ink so that it doesn't wash off.
I have got a whole swag of coloured Sharpies - could be fun!
Maybe I should start with a simpler design though....

This is really novel!
Cover a plain white lampshade with old (or not so old) tights/pantyhose!

found at vintage revival

And while on the subject of re-purposed clothing - here is a great use for old tshirts!

from Bluebird Sews
Make some shopping bags.
It's a really simple idea and there are many tutes on this but this one by Bluebird Sews had nice photos!
I also saw some that had a rounded neck bit - the choice is yours.

Have a great crafty week : )

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Clare said...

These are great . . . I have tried a few. I love reusing/repurposing also. Thanks for the inspiration.

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