Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Out and about - camping at Bonnie Vale

This camping expedition had been planned for a while - to celebrate a friend's birthday.
We'd been having some extra-super-hot weather....but last weekend it rained : (

Never mind it didn't dampen our spirits.

We walked, we swam, we ate and we drank and some of us kayaked.

Some of us played the mud....and slipped over and broke a rib.

(That part was not much fun)

There are some old shacks in the camping area.
I'm very fond of old shacks.

I'm unable to find out much information about these shacks.
They are smack bang in the middle of the (very nice) camping area which is part of the Royal National Park.
It used to be NPWS (National Parks and Wildlife) policy to remove all shacks from the national park but it seems they have relented in recent years.
These shacks don't look like they are maintained at all and could very well just fall down one day.

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