Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finding joy every day.

There is something to find enjoyment in every day, you just have to look.

Having good coffee nearby.

Tuna salad wrap for lunch. So much nicer than stodgy bread!

You have to use your imagination for this one - the smell of my little crafty shop The Nook Leura when I open the door.
A combination of lavender, camphor laurel, soap scents, and tea.

Getting out again and walking, this time with a very tame magpie.

Red cabbage, raw mostly. Yep.

And another bushwalk to lift my spirits (it does work!)
Blue skies, smell of eucalypts, gentle hum of cicadas.

Family skype.
(What did we do before skype?)

Sunday afternoon movies seem to be becoming a bit of a habit.

How was your week?
Did you manage to find joy in some of the small things in life?

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