Monday, February 10, 2014

Whoops! Look at these hoops!

What is it about those little circles of wood?

They are a bit popular now as home decor, not just to hold your fabric taut while you embroider.
And there are lots of great ideas around.

You can leave the embroidery in the hoop for starters.

embroidery hoop embroidery
Or you can do a simple applique.

You could be a bit more fancy and do some machine embroidery with your applique.

by Three Red Apples
Or for something really simple - wind coloured twine or yarn on the frames.
from a wedding on Style Me Pretty
I have also seen various ideas using old (or not so old) lace doilies.

from Style Me Pretty
This is really easy-peasy.
Just choose some gorgeous fabrics from your stash and let them tell the whole story.

From the Purl Bee
You could even use them as a notice board.

tutorial by carousella
Or an earring holder! ('cus I always love earring displays)

idea by Sweet Dreams Always

And now for something completely different!
A photo display.
You can find this tutorial here.
by Natalme
And a few other pieces that I love -

by rachelandgeorge on etsy
by Stephanie k Clark
by MarysGranddaughter on etsy
by SallySewsStitches on etsy

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