Monday, February 24, 2014

Things to do with tshirts - apart from wear them.

I have some tshirts to use up somehow as well as all the fabric I mentioned last week.
Most of them are khaki or grey, so not very inspiring in the colour department, but I'm sure I can find something to do with them.

Where to start?
With jewellery of course.

1. Bracelets.

These bright braided bracelets are fun.
And easy-peasy.

2. Knotted bracelets.

Would look good with some pretty coloured tshirts.

from hot polka dot
3. Necklace.
This is like the one I have made (but have no photo of)

4. Braided necklace.
A bit more involved than the previous necklace/scarfy thing.
But has a neater end result for them that likes that sort of thing.

nautical necklaces how-to by brit + co
This version with three slightly different tshirts looks fab.

braided scarf on ohohblog

5. Headband.
That is a bit braided and a bit not (or knot!)

headband by Sugar Bee Crafts
6. Wrap vest.
Uses an extra large men's tshirt..
The end result is a bit super and you can also wear it as a scarf.

by wobisobi
7. Yoga pants.
This one needs a bit more work and measuring.
And would look really nice with a tshirt like this with a suitable design on the front.
But I'm not totally discounting it.

yoga pants from Kira's sewing projects
8. Tshirt to dress.
Now this has given me an idea - I have some hippie skirts that I thought to recycle into dresses and I could attach them to a tshirt top a bit like these.

unable to find original post
8. You could also use the fabric to make skirts -

from Melly Sews
9. Or hats -
by Joyfoolery
but, hey! that all looks like far too much effort!

10. Laptop case.
This I like! A lot.

from makezine
11. Dishcloths.
You cut up your tshirt into strips to make yarn and then you knit or crochet a small square with big needles (I guess)
Or you could just cut up your tshirt to use as a rag! Much easier.

by robotdinosaur on craftster
12. And then there are bags.

shopping bag by delia creates
 And the bag I showed you a couple of weeks ago.

13. Rugs.
This one actually uses a tshirt as the base - Brilliant!

by Molly Kay Stoltz
Too many choices!

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