Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Creative Space - not too much creating here folks

It's a relatively quiet time of year - have I said that before.
And I guess I am resting on my laurels a bit, or at least getting through some of the things already made.

But today I made some Czech glass drop earrings for an etsy order - it's nice to get the pliers in hand again.

And something I prepared earlier -

Which just needed finishing.
Aka, they needed the earwires attached - no biggie.

designed by Alice Kharon from Bead and Button magazine

design by Sue Charette_Hood in Beadwork magazine
design by Maggie Meister in Beadwork magazine
There is another WIP.
It's a bracelet designed Smadar Grossman in Beadwork magazine.

I didn't have quite the right beads but I made do.
It's coming along nicely.
I'm nearly up to the clasp stage, so I have to decide how I'm going to do that part.

Watch this space!

How has your creative (or not) been?

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