Monday, August 15, 2011

Mad about bunting!

It seems that I'm not the only one who is mad about bunting!
And it seems that you can make bunting out of just about anything!

So here is a selection to brighten your Monday morning.

You can sew bunting out of fabric -

bubblegum by giggleberry
or you can sew bunting onto fabric -

dress by PunkinThreads

you can do a spot of fabric recycling -

recycled tshirt necklace by creativityismessy

or you can combine paper and fabric -

burlap bunting by lunaclaydesign

You can use paper by itself - cutely -

barnyard buddies by APaperPlayground
or classically -

zen garden elements by funkyjunkart

you can put bunting on paper -

gift tags by rainydaycolors

or on a cake -

cake bunting by jaimemancilla
or on a mug -

mug by teandceremony

Bunting can be photographed -

street party by opart

captioned -

photo by charleneprecious

or painted -

sunday picnic by janethillstudio
You can crochet bunting -

granny squares by bonnierose
or knit -

blue and white knitted bunting by wonderfullypretty
or bead bunting -

banner bracelet by blue sky beads
And my favorites -

dream sequins necklace by wichserstudio

bunting jewellery using leather, metal,

coral flags necklace by fishdreaming

leadlight -

persian garden pendants by jesscontreras
and clay -

bunting flags for spring by mimosabyme

What are your favorite buntings?

I'm thinking of some bunting designs for myself!


Narelle Badalassi said...

I kinda like bunting too
Last week I started printing on some small round coaster and have been threading them together into little bunting they are so cute, I will add a photo to my blog soon,Bruce the wonder cat killed my camera.

planettreasures said...

Oooo! sounds cute!
Naughty Bruce the wonder cat : {....waiting for photos!

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