Saturday, August 27, 2011

Selling your wares - part 1

So you are creative?
You are actually creating stuff?
What next? You'd like to maybe sell some of your stuff? Yes?

woman selling to man by waytobead

What are your options?

1. Friends and relatives.
Including your neighbours, word of mouth, your or your partners workplace, other places you frequent eg playgroup.

This is often where we all start.
You know you have a few items and show your friends and they are fabulously encouraging, they buy some pieces for themselves or gifts and word spreads.

And you could just stay with this - BUT it is a very limited market.
You want to spread your wings and expand your horizons.
You never really leave these first customers behind, they'll always be there and could be your best advertising.

Here are some ideas for selling your wares in the wider world and I'll come back to them indetail over the next days/weeks and maybe get some discussion going and idea sharing.

vintage salesmanship book by dustylorraine

2. Party plan

3. Markets

4. Art shows

5. B & M (bricks and mortar)

6. On-line

Feel free to share your experiences of how you got started.

Are your family and friends your best customers?

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