Friday, August 26, 2011

A spot of remodelling/recycling

 As you may know I'm fond of recycling/remodelling/reusing creations that do not sell.

Sometimes just the threat of this fate is enough to result in someone to (unwittingly) buying the piece!
However not this one -

 It's a really bad photo that I took on my market stall one day...I don't think I ever listed it in my etsy or madeit shops.
It did have a matching bracelet and earrings...long gone!

 But I do still love the orange branch coral and the czech glass shell beads and the little acid green czech glass beads. so I draped it around my wrist and "yes"! it could be a very bold and unusual bracelet!

 Then with some of the leftover orange coral drops I made a long necklace on a chain - tres chic!

I think they are still very summery and beachy. We'll see how they go!

Are you getting in the mood for summer and planning your summer creations?


PoetessWug said...

I love pieces of jewelry that don't look like everything else out on the market. This qualifies. It looks like beautiful orange pretzels or something.

planettreasures said...

thanks Debbie, you are a sweetie : )
I guess the corals do look edible, haha!

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