Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More make your own fabric bunting

Here are some more ideas if you'd like to make your own bunting but don't have a stash of fabrics to use, and you don't want to go out and buy a load of fabrics specially.
A kit is a great way to go providing you with everything you need.

This one comes ready cut out using vintage fabrics.

from The Haby Goddess

If you dont mind using a pair of scissors you might like this printed kit - 
by Yardage Design from Earth Girl

 Or this one from Kristen Doran using her own handprinted fabric -

by Kristen Doran
How easy is that? All you have to do is sew!


Malea said...

Those are really cute. Does it work best with stiffer fabrics?

Sonia said...

Adorable idea.

AnnestGwynedd said...

Cute! I m going to make bunting for my new flat!
Annest X


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