Friday, August 19, 2011

My week

 This week I've been doing some bike-riding and some supplies-buying!

I am feeling so much better and the weather has been beuatiful - double incentive for getting out and riding!
I persuaded hub to come with me on the Prospect Reservoir loop.
 It's a 34km circular ride, all on bike paths in Western Sydney. The path is not terribly scenic even though it follows the evocatively named Orphan School Creek for a goodly way.

Here is an example of urban decoration!

But then surprise!
A lovely buddist temple, with ceremonies going on - chanting and incense, it took me right back to south-east Asia.

Another day I ventured further west to the circuit of the Olympic rowing course.
This is such a great asset as open space in the west!

Unfortunately part of the path was closed while a group was testing a solar powered car for the solar car challenge.
Space age or what?

And my supplies-buying-spree!
Not on my list - painted wooden discs.

 Also not on my list - coloured lava stone beads
 Irresistible - coloured leather thinging

 You guessed it - not on my list either!
Does that happen to you? you end up with a lot of things you just cant leave in the shop!

And a pile of beads in my workspace that just happened to be there at the same time and became a necklace!

Do you sometimes create like that? Serendipity!

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