Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Alberto Cozzi - a little bit of heaven in Florence.

Florence is a paper addicts heaven!
Of course it is well known for its colourful marbled paper - and you do see a lot of it once you start looking.
It was a lovely surprise to come across the first of many lovely little papery goods shops....and they had such delightful little cards.

And then we wandered past Alberto Cozzi - but just had to go in!

In the back you can see the craftspeople actually crafting with paper and making the marbled variety.
They also do book-binding and leather stamping.

Behind the counter is a rack of all sorts of interesting-looking tools!
(and those of you who are fascinated with tools will think they're interesting as well!)

I bought a few little gifts - paper-wrapped bracelets.

And paper-wrapped pens.

I wish we'd had more time/money/space to investigate more.

Highly recommended if/when you visit Florence.

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