Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Creative Space - getting my beads out. Blobtoberfest 2013 day 10.

I've been away for a while - as you no doubt know!
And now it is October! Yikes!
It will be Christmas before you know it.
Big markets and festivals are coming up.....
but..... the jewellery cupboard is bare.....luckily the bead cupboard is not bare.

So I ventured into my workroom and pulled out some strands of brand-spanking-new beads.

Just for a bit of a warm-up I made some simple necklaces - I like to think of this as my monochrome range, but maybe I need a different name.

aquamarine necklace

turquoise howlite

green agate

pink faceted agate

red coral
I also made some sparkly faceted glass bracelets.

What have you been creating this week?

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