Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend wanderings - blogtoberfest 2013 day 13.

We went for a bushwalk.
It was meant to be an easy little jaunt....but turned into a 3 1/4 hour epic!

We started in Glenbrook where unfortunately there has been some recent burning of the bush - deliberate (as in hazard reduction) or accidental (as in actual bushfire) we weren't sure as the bush wasn't completely burnt and it was only on one side of the path.

We were descending to Glenbrook creek which is actually a lot further away than it looks here -

Down at creek level, there are lots of nice swimming holes.

Mr planet contemplating the water -

There isn't really a track along the creek, but a bit of a foot pad and walking involved a fair bit of rock-hopping, scrambling and pushing through bushes.
It's not that hard, I just wasn't in the mood for it.

It was a bit warm.

So eventually we did go for a dunk in the water - which was surprisingly cold!
And there are no pictures as we had to skinny-dip.

It cooled us off before the climb out and back along the fire trail to the car.

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