Thursday, October 3, 2013

Out & About - Blackwattle Cafe

Back in August a dear friend of mine left Sydney for northerly climes - very sadly.
Anyway as a farewell get-together she took me to the Blackwattle Cafe in Glebe. It is situated in an old house that has been recently renovated. It used to look like this -

photo from wikipedia

Bellevue House was built in 1896 and is listed as a building of historical interest. It would have been a gentleman's residence then but it's use has changed over the years. It became part of the industrial landscape of Glebe from the 1920's and after 1970 it fell into disrepair, unloved even when the area around it became a park. Eventually it was restored and rather nicely on the inside I think.

You can also sit outside with a great view of Blackwattle Bay and the Anzac Bridge, but it was too cold for us on the day we went.

What did we have to eat? I wish I could remember!
It was very nice as were the desserts.

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