Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday 7 - places I have just been to - blogtoberfest 2013 day 5

I have just come back from a month away in northern Italy! Aren't I the lucky one?!

It was absolutely fabulous!
I feel to lucky and privileged to have seen some amazing places, met some wonderful people, eaten delicious (mostly) food and witnessed the glories of nature and man.

So without further ado I bring to you - in reverse order -

1. Rome.

There is so much more to Rome that the Colosseum and the Vatican although they are pretty splendid.
For example here is the Pantheon - it is a 2000 year old temple, remarkably well-preserved because it was made into a church. Bits of the outside were pilfered (recycled) for other building projects but not as badly as other places. And it has the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome!
Yes, the romans made concrete - who knew?!

2. Sardinia

Sardinia is an island. In the Mediterranean.
It has a spectacular limestone coast.
And unbelievably blue water.

3. Tuscany.

Tuscany looks like this.
No really!

4. Florence

Everyone raves about Florence - and it grew on me.
There is more to see - there always is.

5. Cinque Terre.

Five of the most beautiful little villages, perched above the sea, on and into the cliffs - connected by walking paths and a train.

6. The Dolomites.


The Dolomites are series of mountains stretching from the eastern border to the Italian Alps. Lots of very sticky-uppy bits with the greenest of valleys in between and the sweetest alpine flower-bedecked villages dotted around.

7. Venice.

Venice - ah! Venice.
It did not disappoint at all.
I could ramble on all day about Venice and you can read why here and see why here.
....if you like.

And a bonus one today, because we didn't plan on going there but just needed to hop off a train to see  - Pisa.

There is a lot more to Pisa than the leaning tower, although it is much nice in real life...but you will have to wait for that!

If you would like to see more of my travels hop over to my other blog Adventures with G & T.


Clare said...

Thanks for sharing . . . it sounds as if it was a wonderful trip!

karen said...

Lucky you, a place I long to go to and your photos have made me even more keen. Glad you enjoyed it. (came via BlogtoberFest) :)

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