Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Create or Curate? Blogging bits. Blogtoberfest 2013 day 8.

Last week on Gruen Planet on ABCTV one of the panelists mentioned the issue of create vs curate in relation to web content, specifically that most content on the web is curated rather than created. Meaning that most of it is reposts, summaries and round-ups of issues.
Less of it is stuff that people are actually writing, or posting their own photographs or uploading their own movies.

This is very true of blogs.
Are you a creator or a curator? Or a bit of both?

Some of my favorite blogs have curation - you know you can pop in for some tasty recipe links, fun fonts, or newsy bit 'n bobs.

On the other hand ploughing through some original diatribes can be less than satisfying - even if they are well-written.

It led me to think-
Does this make the web better or worse?
I guess variety is the spice of life.

Is there a place for both?
I think so, after all you can never read everything.

Do you follow a lot of "curated" blog or sites?

How important is original content when you are browsing?

Do you like that you can pop to a site and have a summary of the news, or recipes, or fonts for example?

Feel free to leave tour comments here - I will reply.

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