Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Me, myself and I. Blogtoberfest day 2.

I realised when I looked at today's prompt that I have no information about myself in my profile.
In fact I'm a bit of a mystery!

But never fear - I am a real person.
What would you like to know about me?
Shall I start at the beginning?

This is me.

1. I was born in England and completed my education there.
2. I went to university and finished a degree in physics.
3. I never really had a career in physics.
4. I never really knew what I wanted to do.
5. For a while I worked as a social worker with kids.
6. Then one day I decided to visit my sister in Australia. I packed my bag and said to mum and dad that I was definitely coming back. But I never did.
7. I fell in love - with Australia.
8. Then I fell in love with GC - and got married.
9. We tried to have children, but failed. After 4 surgeries for endometriosis I managed to get pregnant twice.
10. D is now 24 (nearly 25) years old and A is 23 (just).
11. We moved to the US for 2 and a half years when the kids were preschoolers. We lived in Tucson Arizona.
12. Before we went I was in love with pottery and was going to be a potter. While I was in the US I discovered beads.
13. I have played with beads ever since!
14. I also sew (I used to make all mine and all the kids clothes)
15. I can knit but don't have the time now.
16. I'd love to be an artist.
17. I'd love to have some chooks.
18. I love the great outdoors, bushwalking, camping, bike riding.
19. I love watching movies.
20. I love chocolate.

This is my family


Anastasia said...

I loved this post Tess - so great to read and learn more about you!!

planettreasures said...

Thanks AC.
Writing about oneself can be a bit challenging!
Are you joining in with blogtoberfest?

Erin said...

You should definitely be an artist! The only requirement to be one is to make art!

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